1.Website Banner Section

How to add new Banner Image

  • navigate to Slider Revolution from the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Scroll down to your Banner module under the search modules section.
  • Click the pen icon to open the Banner module editor.
  • Hover over to Slides and click on the ‘Add slides’ menu
  •  click the type dropdown menu and select Image.
  • Click on Media Library to select an image from the library or upload a new one
  • click on save to update your changes

2.News And Events Section

How to add new News & Events

  • Navigate to Posts from the WordPress dashboard and select add new
  • Give it a title click on the plus icon on the left side menu
  • select file from the list to upload your  file
  • select the News category from the categories menu on the right sidebar
  • click on publish to make it live on the site

3.Downloads Section

How to add a new file to Downloads section

  • Navigate to Wp File Download section from the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Select your Download categorey or click the add categorey button to add new downlaod categorey.
  • Click select files to upload your file.