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Himalayan Power Partner Ltd.


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Himalayan Power Partner Ltd. was established in 2061 B.S. as a private limited company with the main objectives to provide the services in the fields of research, development and consultation in the energy sector. The company was registered under the company Act 2063 in company registration office, government of Nepal.

The company was transformed to the Public Limited Company in June 2013 after entry of NRN Investment Limited as a partner.

The company is developing Dordi Khola Hydropower Project (27 MW) in Lamjung, Nepal.


The authorized capital of the company is NRs. 2.7 billions. The issued and paid up capitals are NRs. 1.065 billions.


The Board of Directors consists of 7 members as follows:

1) Mr. Jiba Nath Lamichhane (Chairman)
2) Mr. Chandra Prasad Dhakal

3) Mr.
Mahesh Kumar Shrestha
4) Mr. Guru Prasad Dhakal

Mr. Ambika Prasad Paudel
6) Mr. Narayan Babu Lohani
7) Dr. Hemanta Kumar Dabadi

News & Events
Construction Activities:

Till May 2020
1. Completed Diversion Weir, Undersluice and Intake Civil Works. Hoisting arrangements, installation of gates, stoplogs are going on.
2. Completed Desilting basin structure, Hoisting arrangement and installation of gates, stoplogs are going on.
3. Laying of remaining WCP is going on, all excavation works are completed.
4. Tunnel Breakthrough on 1st September 2019, Concrete lining is going on.
5. Civil works of Powerhouse is completed, EOT crane has been installed, Spiral casing, MIV, Draft Tube, LAVT and NGT panels have been installed. Tailrace channel concreting is completed.
6. Switchyard towers erection works are going on.
7. Survey, Design of Transmission line is completed, Construction of tower foundations T2,T3,T4 have completed and stub erections are going on for towers T5 and T6.